Maggese is the Italian word for fallow, and it's a field cultivated by developers that love to create narrative meaningful experiences. We are not a company, but people .

Maggese is driven by the will to demonstrate that games can be much more than simple fun. We don't want to make fun games. We want to make games that give you something (an emotion, a sensation or a message), games that can provide high quality entertainment.

We would like to see Maggese growing and becoming a net of collaborations and exchanges with similar or different realities that although share the same spirit of discovery and indipendency. We want to be an incubator of ideas and beautiful experiences for both who's working and collaborating with us, and our followers!

Maggese is actually formed by two stable members: Dario D’Ambra and Giorgio Carlino, but it hopes to acquire new members soon. If you think you can be one of us just drop an email!


Contact us for everything (informations, collaborations, talks etc) at:

info [at] maggese-games [dot] com