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Posted by Dario

on 28, Jun ’15

#GameHappens, #dontmakelove

Just an update of the situation of Maggese and a cool announcement!

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This is a period of changes here at Maggese: Giorgio is very busy because he’s going to finish the school for being a music technician and probably Dario will left his job and will transfer to Cologne since he was admitted to the Cologne Game Lab. In all these messes we decided to develop our first official project of which, for now, we’ll disclose only the name: Don’t make love.

The reason we’re making this announcement is hidden behind a one day trip Dario had to Genoa. Here there was the second edition of Game Happens , an Italian developers meeting with an international breed. In the showcases zones he get into a conversation about interactive fiction and procedural narration between the guys of UNAgames and Matteo of We Are Müesli . He introduced himselves and they started to talk about narration and video games, he also explained our project. Their reactions about the idea were incredibly positively so now we’re incredibly motivated to do our best (Dario is also a fan of We Are Müesli works).

What we learned from this experience is to talk talk talk about your project, it will help to remain motivated (if the feedback is positive), and another really important thing we learned is that the Italian game community is awesome and really supportive and friendly!

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