A new home

Posted by Dario

on 17, Feb ’16

Passed a while from the last post. As you may have noticed Maggese changed face. We have a new website and two new games (soon a third one). What happened? If you want to know this is the right post.

Happy new home

These months were pretty busy for both me and Giorgio and brought the birth of several prototypes, two of them became small games and are already online (you can check them in our Games section, they're called Arboreity and You can't go back), the third one should be available at the end of the month.

As you may know from a previous post now I live in Cologne and I'm doing a master in game development and research. The projects were done during the first semester.

I don't want to enter in the debate if going in a videogame school or university is worth or not, but being in a place where everyone does games is incredibly motivating and inspiring. Here I met really interesting people and potential collaborators (if you re-read the post I linked you may understand why we want collaborators).

After a year Maggese is starting to gain more life. It's not only the website, but we changed. Maggese is changing, and for the better. We are working on new projects, and start to thinking more concretely on what to do in the future.

For the next months expect more articles (we'll try to restart the one month post rule) and updates of this type, as well as new games. Stay tuned!

If you are around Pisa the 23th of March you could attend the talk that I'll held at the Pisa University about the history of game studies. If you want to remain updated on these kinds of events consider to follow us on facebook or twitter.

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