Don't make love Showcase

Posted by Dario

on 18, Sep ’16

#showcase, #dontmakelove

The development of Don't make love goes quite well! We finished the first demo/prototype and we're eager to know your opinion, for this reason we'll showcase it not once, but even twice!

Save the dates:

- September 24-25th @ Game Over Milan

- October 6-7th @ Internet Festival

It was a while since the last update and we're sorry, but we were busy for you.

As you may have noticed, since the last update a bunch of things changed: we released another game titled A Ghost In the Static, we created a mailing list you can subscribe to, and we added the Don't make love page.

The summer helped us to do a leap forward in the development of Don't make love. Indeed now we have a demo. As you read above we'll showcase it in two different cities in the upcoming two weeks:

We don't plan to release the demo online immediately, but we're considering this possibility. Meanwhile if you can't make it for the showcases you can always write us. We'll gladly send you a link with the latest version of the demo.

At the Internet Festival (on the 6th at 16.00) Dario will held also a talk titled: From the knot to the web: the videogames narrative structures. The talk we'll be in Italian.

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