Updates on Don't make love

Posted by Dario

on 09, Feb ’17

Updates on the development of Don't make love and free give away for Valentine's Day!

It's a long time since the last update on the development of Don't make love, but worry not, we're still on track!

Currently we're in the last phase of development, all the major features have been implemented and the AI is almost finished. We still want to keep a little bit of space for improvement since the testing will play a big role in the polishing of the game.

The female script is finished and was already tested a little bit. Dario is working now on the male script while Nina is focused on the art and Giorgio is refininig the dynamic soundtrack.

The further we get close to the end of the development the more we'll try to keep you updated, so stay tuned!

While you wait you can download our Valentine's Day e-cards (like the one above) here.

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