El Inmortal

Published on 27, Feb ’14

Title screen of El Inmortal


Taking sleep becomes every night more difficult, but the night can also give answers and maybe it’s in the streets lighted by the torches that you’ll find some of them. This is the story of a philosophical journey towards a legend: the city of the immortals.

This is a proof of concept that follows some principles of performative storytelling: it has different kinds of gameplay according to the narrative necessities and to better follow the events of the original short story from which it's inspired.

Borges was an Argentinian writer, especially famous for his stories that have as themes infinity or immortality.

ATTENTION: This is not a polished game, this is a proof of concepts, hence it has bugs and some dialogues are not fully showed.

It’s an html5 game, click here to play.

Consider also to take the survey about performative storytelling after you played!